Thor: The Dark World To Begin Filming, Location And Details Revealed

It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has fast-tracked Thor: The Dark World, but until now, details about the production were limited to mostly what was revealed at Comic-Con and a few choice pieces of information. Thanks to a legal obligation to inform the residents of an area about certain types of filming, additional information has “leaked” to the eager ears of fans.

Filming of Thor: The Dark World was reportedly going to start late this summer in England, and it now looks like details about a more exact location have been revealed. As you may already know, large-scale productions tend to use a code name to divert attention and avoid as much fan-fare during filming as possible. Unless there is another significant feature shooting in England at the same time, then the code name for this film is “Thursday Mourning.”

The production office of “Thursday Mourning” distributed a letter to the residents of the Bourne Wood area informing them that filming would be taking place nearby in August and September. Nowhere in the letter does it explicitly state the feature is actually the Thor sequel, but it’s a pretty easy jump to make.

Check out some of what the lucky recipients of this letter got to read with their morning coffee:

We are writing to let you know about some filming about to be undertaken in Bourne Wood in the coming months. Please find a brief overview and introduction to this project.

“Thursday Mourning” is the working title of a major feature film. It is comic book adaptation set in another “fictional realm”.

We will be establishing a fictional village set in another realm, with yurts and village like dressing in the bowl. The sequence involves a battle between two kingdoms, ending in our comic book hero arriving to save the day. The sequence will involve a substantial amount of Stunts and controlled special effects all within the hours 0700 – 1900hrs.

We plan to use most of the areas that are usually occupied by film units for all our support vehicles. The sequence will involve approximately 300 extras who will arrive in the early hours prior to call time to go through costume and makeup.

If you read the entire letter, you will notice that the production company behind it is listed as “Asgard Productions II UK Ltd.” This itself seems like an obvious give away – Asgard is the planet that Thor hails from, this is the second film in the franchise, and they are shooting in the United Kingdom. Simple, right?

Tricky, tricky Marvel Studios.

Source: Coming Soon