Avengers: Endgame Photo Reveals That Thor Wore Crocs To Tony’s Funeral

Thor Avengers Endgame

Regardless of your thoughts on the film’s reliance on complicated time travel mechanics, it’s hard to find fault with Avengers: Endgame. The Russo brothers’ magnum opus manages to, somehow, wrap up storylines that were put into place more than a decade ago, bringing together dozens of key characters for one final showdown, and providing some satisfying conclusions for a few key Avengers.

Of course, for every stellar action sequence and shocking twist, there were plenty of tearjerking moments. While Black Widow’s death will certainly not be forgotten anytime soon, it’s perhaps Tony Stark’s last sacrifice that hits home the hardest. Although his loss was necessary in order to ensure the destruction of Thanos and his forces, it doesn’t make the sting any less painful, and we’ll be sure to see how Happy Hogan and Peter Parker are dealing with his passing once Spider-Man: Far From Home releases in a few weeks.

One of the more interesting additions to Endgame though was the transformation of Thor’s character, who went from a chiseled and in-shape warrior to a sloppy, overweight, beer-drinking bum. Reactions have been decidedly mixed, with some embracing it, while others accused the film of fat-shaming.

Recently, though, a few outlets online reported on a startling revelation regarding Thor’s choice of clothing during Tony Stark’s funeral, which, in retrospect, will come off as a bit too casual for a few. Last weekend, the Russo brothers took to Twitter to implore fans to go see Endgame again, and a few observant viewers noticed something peculiar about the God of Thunder’s footwear in one of the photos they shared.

That’s right. Thor did, in fact, wear Crocs to Tony’s funeral. While viewers did catch a glimpse of the foam clog shoes when he visited Asgard, it seems he kept them on for Iron Man’s final sendoff.

It’s not entirely clear whether Thor’s casual footwear is actually in view throughout the ending of Avengers: Endgamebut rest assured, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled during our next rewatch to see if we can see the Crocs on screen.