It Looks Like Thor’s Right Eye Will Return For Avengers: Infinity War


When we think of the most recognizable superheroes, we undoubtedly think of their accessories as helping identify them. Batman has his batarangs, Captain America has his shield, and Thor has his trusted hammer, Mjolnir. Of course, we’ve come to take his right eye for granted over the years, but he recently found himself as being estranged from both it and his hammer during the third act of Ragnarok.

Obviously, we’d expect this visual shift to continue with his next cinematic appearance, Avengers: Infinity War, but then a bounty of photos surfaced courtesy of Vanity Fair. And after taking in the latest round of shots of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I’m sure you asked yourself the same question I posed to myself: “Why the hell does Thor have two eyes?”

Of course, Marvel Studios aren’t going to lay all of their cards on the table at this point, but Vanity Fair had this to offer:

The hammer and cape—which were broken and torn in Ragnarok—may be back for the photo shoot but that doesn’t mean they’ll return in Avengers: Infinity War. As for Thor’s most significant lost accessory, the eye that was plucked out of his head by Cate Blanchett’s Hela, all that remains of that trauma in our gallery is a light scar running down the right side of Hemsworth’s face.

Alright, the cape is a quick fix since he’s obviously wearing a new costume, but recent word on the street said to expect a new Mjolnir for Thor to wield. Quite frankly, this somewhat undoes the development the Odinson underwent in Ragnarok, but it’s important we not forget that, aside from protecting Midgard, his greatest duty is to sell toys.

As for his eye, well, I’m sure the Russos will be able to come up with a comic book-esque way to restore it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t simply regenerate, because then that same logic would also have to be applied to Odin – and we all know him for his lack of depth perception.

Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on May 4, 2018.