Thor’s Old Pal Darryl Survived The Snap Of Avengers: Infinity War


Darryl Jacobson, Thor’s exceptionally average roommate, has been marked safe following the catastrophic events of Avengers: Infinity War. And we’ve even got a video to prove it.

Ahead of the Marvel mega-movie making its way onto Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, August 14th, the God of Thunder’s old pal has uploaded a celebratory new video log to wish Thor a happy birthday. He’s a little late, mind you, but Darryl goes on to admit that he’s been working weekends ever since “The Snap,” an apocalyptic event that reduced half of all life in the universe to dust – Black Panther and Spider-Man included.

Meanwhile, Darryl is once again played by Australian actor Daley Pearson, who first appeared in a series of MCU short films directed by Taika Waititi. Not only did they give us a taste of what to expect from Ragnarok, but they also explained why Thor wasn’t called up for Captain America: Civil War. And then came the post-Ragnarok one involving Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster, who went from ruler of Sakaar to Darryl’s new roommate in the blink of an eye.

For Darryl, though, he’s been stuck working Sundays in a post-Infinity War world (up above, you’ll see that Pearson’s character is surrounded by empty desks). The only question now, is, whether Marvel Studios will call on Thor’s old pal in the build-up to Avengers 4.

It’s not your typical MCU sequel, after all, so we wouldn’t be all that surprised if Marvel decided to experiment with its hard-wired marketing campaign between now and May 2019. Perhaps we’ll even see Thor and Darryl reunite at some point?

Whatever the outcome, Avengers 4 is expected to make a beeline for theaters on May 3rd, 2019 – with or without Darryl Jacobson in its midst.