Three Terrifying New Promos For Alien: Covenant Ask You To Run, Pray And Hide


Deciding to run, pray and hide while being chased by a Xenomorph may not be the greatest strategy in the universe – we were thinking more along the lines of a yellow-tinged power loader and an airlock – but as part of Alien: Covenant‘s ongoing marketing blitz, three terrifying new promos have surfaced online touting those exact instructions.

The fleeting TV spots arrived alongside news of Alien Day, the annual celebration of Ridley Scott’s genre icon that will take place on April 26th (see below). Promising a series of themed events including an interactive trivia challenge, worldwide screenings, all-new product launches and special reveals, there’s also mention of some behind-the-scenes footage for Alien: Covenant – footage that will shed more light on the connective tissue it shares with Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s divisive prequel that ostensibly jump-started this new line of Alien movies. Expect further announcements to be made closer to the time.

April 26th is awfully close to Covenant‘s theatrical release date, too, which ought to ensure 20th Century Fox musters one final marketing push prior to release. Until then, this trio of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them promos have arrived to crank up the scare factor to 11 – and rip the nob off while doing so. In circling back to the franchise’s slimy roots, Ridley Scott has spoken at length about Covenant‘s R rating, not to mention the fact that there will be (acid) blood – lots and lots of blood.

Once earmarked for a late summer release, when Ridley Scott’s prequel-sequel would’ve had Blade Runner 2049 to contend with, Alien: Covenant has since been bumped up to May 19th. It’s by no means the grand finale to the director’s iconic series though, what with the filmmaker already beginning to formulate ideas for not only a sequel – one tentatively titled Alien: Awakening – but also a whole new trilogy of galactic horror. Hold on to your butts, folks.