First Trailer For Kevin Durant’s Thunderstruck

Today we have the first trailer for Thunderstruck, starring NBA player Kevin Durant. Though you may not have heard of the film, it looks like a brilliant revival of the “watch basketball superstars squirm uncomfortably as they try to deliver lines and go through a character arc” genre.

Judging by this trailer, it seems that the only arc Mr. Durant is comfortable with is 24 feet out and he prefers his audience live. His line delivery may not be as smooth as his jumper, but could they not have came up with a more original idea for a film?

Check out the plot summary below:

Kevin Durant playing himself, swaps his unbelievable talent with Brian (played by Taylor Gray), a kid fixated with the sport of basketball but without any of the abilities.

It sounds just as lame as it looks. Shaq at least was a Genie and a Low Rent Iron Man; the least they could have done was marketed the Superhero craze and made Durantula: 35 feet of Terror, or something along those lines.

I guess the best we can hope for is an awesome 80’s montage where James Harden ironically teaches our pre-pubescent protagonist how to shave and  Russell Westbrook takes him on a wild and carefree shopping trip.

Thunderstruck is suspected to be released in some sort of format on August 24th 2012. It is directed by John Whitesell (Big Momma’s House 2) and written by (wait this has writers?), Eric Champnella and Jeff Farley. Oh ya, and Jim Belushi is in this film somewhere as well.