Ever Wondered What A Pig’s Nightmare Looks Like? Tilda Swinton Shows Us In New Clip From Okja


“Pigs deserve happy dreams” says Tilda Swinton, and who are we to argue? This is the message of the latest clip from upcoming Netflix Original Okja, which promises to extensively explore the bond between man and animal.

Swinton plays Lucy Mirando, CEO of the squeaky-clean (and thus incredibly sinister) Mirando Corporation, here promoting their business on the basis that their pigs lead an idyllic life and dream only happy dreams. This is contrasted with ‘regular’ farmed pigs, which Mirando imagines undergo a constant nightmare of slaughter and death.

Directed by acclaimed Korean director Bong Joon-ho (best known for awesome social commentary/train-based action flick Snowpiercer), and written by author/journalist Jon Ronson, Swinton is surrounded by an impressive cast here featuring Jake Gyllenhall, Lily Collins, Paul Dano and Giancarlo Esposito. Details of the exact plot are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that the film revolves around mysterious and massive animal Okja, who’s been looked after for a decade by a young girl. Their relationship is threatened though when the Mirando Corporation kidnaps Okja, resulting in a rescue mission to free him from Swinton’s clutches.

Based on this clip, the tone is just right, with the slick corporate design and Swinton’s cleaner than clean ‘science Mom’ persona falling just on the right side of incredibly creepy. All things considered, this is definitely one to watch, and Netflix must be over the moon about scoring so many A-listers and such a talented director for one of its originals. Hopefully Okja can deliver on its potential when it debuts on the streaming service on June 28th.