Tim Burton Claims There Is Now A “Better Chance Than Ever” For A Beetlejuice 2


When asked about the status of Beetlejuice 2, director Tim Burton has stated that there is now a “better chance than ever” for development to finally begin on the long-gestating sequel.

Speaking to IGN while doing press for his upcoming film Big Eyes, the esteemed filmmaker revealed that all the parts appear to be in place, and how eager he is to revisit Michael Keaton’s reanimated character.

“There’s only one Beetlejuice, and that’s Michael. There is a script, and I would love to work with him again. I think there is now a better chance than ever… I miss that character. There’s something that’s cathartic and amazing about it. I think it’s closer than ever.”

The only question is, will Beetlejuice 2 be primed as a direct sequel? Previous reports have stated that Burton’s follow-up would take place a full 27 years after the events of the original, with both Keaton and star Winona Ryder set to return to the ghostly franchise. As a matter of fact, Burton himself recently revealed that he wouldn’t describe the second installment as an out-and-out sequel, stating that “it’s too early to say but it’s definitely something that’s on my radar.”

Whatever the outcome, we understand that script duties are currently being handled by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter‘s Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, and it’s understood that both writers will remain on board as producers.

It looks as though the possibility of seeing Betelgeuse on screen once more is all but inevitable at this stage, but tell us, what would you like to see from Tim Burton and Michael Keaton should the pair commit to Beetlejuice 2? Let us know your thoughts below.