Tim Curry Scared The Child Actors On The Set Of It


There can be few things more linked to terror in the average person’s psyche than clowns, and Stephen King’s novel It has contributed to that greatly. The story about a group of youngsters taking on a child-eating, shape-shifting demonic entity in a small town in Maine was adapted into a television series in 1990, and has remained untouched ever since. Now, however, the fear has been unleashed once more, with Bill Skarsgard filling the clown shoes that were previously occupied by Tim Curry.

Speaking of which, the actor has done a tremendous job of doing just that, bringing the demonic Pennywise to life for a whole new generation. He certainly had some big shoes to fill, too, as Curry didn’t only terrify audiences back in 1990, but as it turns out, some of the child actors on set found him quite scary as well.

Talking to Screen Geek in a recent interview, he recalled one moment in particular where things got a bit too frightening for Tony Dakota, who played Georgie. It was during the scene where his boat goes down the drain, and as Curry reveals, his performance was so good that Dakota was genuinely frightened by him.

Check out the video below for the full story, which is a nice little behind the scenes tale from the iconic miniseries.

It Part 1 – The Losers Club is currently enjoying its time in the sun, and now that Pennywise has been banished to the sewers for a full 27 years, New Line and Andy Muschietti will begin plotting Chapter 2 for its release in 2019. The Losers Club have already named their dream cast, though whether the Powers That Be take heed of their suggestions is another question entirely.