Tim Miller Offers Status Report On Deadpool 2, Possibility Of R-Rated X-Force Movie


Record-breaking box office figures had ostensibly secured its status beforehand, but nevertheless 20th Century Fox locked down plans for a Deadpool 2 during CinemaCon late last week.

With both Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller all but set for a return, fans are understandably eager to learn more of how the sequel is shaping up, particularly when it comes to the casting of musclebound baddie, Cable.


Now, while speaking in an extended interview with Collider, Miller offered a status report on Deadpool 2, revealing that the writers are still whipping the script into shape. Plus, it’s all but certain he’ll return at the helm to direct:

“I’m going to do Deadpool 2. Barring an unforeseen accident, I will be doing Deadpool 2. The writers have been working on the script…The script comes first. You’ve got to get that.”

When quizzed about Fox’s X-Force ensemble movie, which will seemingly arrive tethered with an R-rating, Miller cautioned that, while the initial plan is to commit to the R-rating, economics and other red tape will invariably impact the studio’s final decision.

“I’ll just say I’d like it to be an R-rated movie, but I’ve always been very realistic. We’re not making fine art here. This is commerce. So if for some reason there was a story that needed to be bigger and needed to be at a certain budget, and it didn’t warrant an R-rated budget, although it’s harder to make that argument now after Deadpool, but let’s say we were saying it before Deadpool came out; I understand that. I’m not one of those directors who goes ‘I want it because I want it!’ and ‘It should be because I think it should be!’ There’s economics at work here, and I would like it to be R-rated.”

What do you make of Tim Miller’s comments about Deadpool 2 and the possibility of an R-rated X-Force movie? As usual, let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Collider