Tim Robbins Returns To Directing With City Of Lies

He might not be Mr. Susan Sarandon anymore and his last film might have been less than exciting, but Tim Robbins is still a pretty good director. At least, we hope he still is, since we haven’t seen much from him since the late 90s. Good or bad though, he’s now at the helm of new spy thriller titled City of Lies, according to First Showing.

Plotwise, City of Lies will follow a CIA officer and lovely young Czech spy during the Cold War. It’s based on the short story ‘Wencelas Square’ by Arthur Phillips. If that doesn’t do much for you, try this: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely of Captain America are behind the script. All good news for the developing thriller and Mr. Robbins, who might be a little bit shaky behind the camera after nearly 15 years away.

Robbins previous directorial outings have been outstanding, though, with Cradle Will Rock and Dead Man Walking adorning his filmography. He’s also directed a few episodes of HBO’s Treme, so he’s not entirely out of practice. Time will of course tell and it will be awhile before we’re favored with Mr. Robbins’ take on the Cold War but in any case, it’s nice to see the guy at work again.