New No Time To Die Set Photo Reveals The Female 007 In Action

daniel-craig-james-bond1 (1)
Image via EON Productions LImited

The 25th installment of the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die, is currently in the midst of a typically globe-trotting shoot under the direction of Cary Fukanaga. While not a lot is known about plot specifics other than the official synopsis that was revealed along with the title, one of the biggest rumors surrounding the movie is that with Daniel Craig’s Bond now out of active service, another actor will be stepping into the iconic role of 007.

To be clear, somebody else isn’t assuming the role of James Bond, but rather another agent is being assigned the 007 codename with Bond himself out of the game, with Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch reportedly set for the role. The actress was announced to be playing a mysterious character known only as Nomi, and now a new set photo has shown that she definitely looks like someone that you wouldn’t want to get of the wrong side of, which can be seen below.

No Time To Die will mark Daniel Craig’s final outing as cinema’s most famous secret agent, and the star will be hoping to end his tenure under the tuxedo on a high note. The 51 year-old’s Bond movies have been a little inconsistent in places, and with the long-running series set to adopt a new attitude towards the female members of the cast, the story could put a fresh spin on a character that’s never been particularly renowned for his personal or emotional development.

We’ll find out if No Time To Die gives the current iteration of 007 a fitting send-off for ourselves when the movie hits theaters in April 2020.