Timelines For Wonder Woman Standalone Film Revealed?


We’re getting closer and closer to the date when Warner Bros.’ live-action Wonder Woman steps in front of the cameras for its London shoot this November, and already, excitement is beginning to spill over across the four corners of the Internet. It’s a high-profile project that has almost been a permanent fixture in the news cycle, too, with Chris Pine’s casting, a working title and the fact that Hoyte Van Hoytema won’t, despite rumors to the contrary, serve as cinematography for the standalone feature all coming to the fore in recent times.

Now that the creative team is gearing up for the start of principal photography in a couple of months’ time, producer Deborah Snyder touched upon the importance of strengthening the female presence behind the scenes of Wonder Woman, and the Amazonian Goddess’ upcoming 75th anniversary.


The clip arrives by way of the recent See Jane Salon Power convention that took place in Los Angeles. Check out what Snyder had to say below.

That’s not the only Wonder Woman tidbit that surfaced today, with Heroic Hollywood presenting a new rumor in relation to the film’s timeline. According to sources close with the outlet, Patty Jenkins’ upcoming standalone flick will essentially be divided into two, with the first segment taking place during World War I and the latter rooted in a modern-day setting.

It aligns with reports we’ve heard before about Warner’s approach to Diana Prince, with many claiming that the deity is nigh on 200 years old by the time Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice rolls around. Furthermore, this would also help explain Chris Pine’s role in the film itself, with all signs pointing to the actor portraying Trevor, an army officer who crash-lands on Paradise Island and is nurtured back to health by Wonder Woman herself. Interestingly, there’s been some contradiction about when exactly this plot thread will take place, with one report pointing to World War I while the other indicates World War II. Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Gal Gadot will don the famous guise when Wonder Woman makes its bow in theaters on June 23, 2017.