Timothee Chalamet May Play Edward Scissorhands’ Son In A Sequel After Super Bowl Ad

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s first movie with Johnny Depp was a hugely important moment in the careers of both the filmmaker and his leading man. For Burton, Edward Scissorhands set the stage for his long-running and increasingly regular collaborations with an actor who soon became his muse, while it gave Depp his first leading role in a major studio project, an opportunity he grabbed with both hands.

He scored a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in the Musical or Comedy category, while the pic itself was a decent-sized box office hit after raking in $86 million on a $20 million budget. And now, more than three decades on it remains a perennial cult favorite that’s still viewed by many as one of the high points from either man’s lengthy Hollywood career.


A recent Super Bowl ad paid tribute to Edward Scissorhands by roping in Timothee Chalamet to play the son of Depp’s title hero and Winona Ryder’s Kim Boggs, with the actress reprising her role in the promo for Cadillac’s upcoming electric car. The TV spot went down a storm with fans of the movie, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the reception has been so positive that Disney (who hold the rights) are considering a full-blown sequel with Chalamet’s Edgar Scissorhands in the lead.

Having dropped him from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mouse House clearly aren’t keen to get back into the Johnny Depp business, but Edward Scissorhands was originally a Fox property that was assimilated during the recent takeover and Chalamet has already been linked to one of the former A-lister’s most popular characters having been named as a top choice to lead Warner Bros. prequel Wonka. That being said, fans would more than likely reject the idea of a sequel without Depp’s involvement in at least some capacity, so it remains to be seen if the studio will indeed move ahead with one.