Timothy Olyphant Says His Hitman Movie Was A Pile Of Sh*t

Hitman movie

When it comes to video game adaptations, I think you’ll agree with me in saying that Hollywood misses the mark more often than not. For the most part, you’d think the filmmakers look at the pictures in strategy guides and don’t do much research beyond that.

Being a huge fan of the Hitman series, you’d better believe I saw both flicks in theaters. And while I didn’t hate either and appreciated them to varying degrees, the concept of stealth seemed lost on those involved in said productions. If either version of Agent 47 were to be granted a ranking once the credits rolled, they’d get “Serial Killer,” as opposed to the desired “Silent Assassin.”

Believe it or not, one guy who’s apparently not a lover of 2007’s Hitman movie is that of lead actor Timothy Olyphant. In fact, he was rather blunt when reflecting upon the experience during a recent interview with Rolling Stone:

“You know what, though? Those experiences were equally valuable. Oddly enough, those kinds of experiences, perhaps arguably more valuable than these. You know? Find yourself bald in Bulgaria doing some pile of shit [Hitman], that will get you up a little earlier in the morning and make you work a little harder.”

Hitman movie

To provide more context, Olyphant was referring to a time in his life when he’d just bought a house – and his TV series, Deadwood, had been cancelled. Because of that, he took a couple gigs to assure he’d still have a roof over his head. One was as the villain in Live Free or Die Hard, and the other was the titular role in Hitman.

If you’d like to end this day on a more positive note, then be sure to check out our review for the most recent entry into the video game franchise, that being Hitman 2. Sure, it’s technically the seventh installment in the series, but it got renumbered with the current generation of consoles and is well worth diving into.