Timur Bekmambetov Talks Wanted 2

While speaking to The Playlist, director Timur Bekmambetov, who is currently promoting Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, revealed some new details about Wanted 2. We haven’t heard much information about the film in recent months but back in September we did hear that it was being written by the writers who wrote the first film.

The reason that the film is taking so long to come together is because apparently, no one could figure out where to go with the story. According to Bekmambetov though, they have now solved the problem.

“An unbelievable thing happened three weeks ago,” Bekmambetov said. “Because we stopped, we didn’t know what to do for three or four years. Three weeks ago I came up with a great idea and I pitched this idea and everybody fell in love with it. And now I think we’re on track. Right now the writer is working on the script, and it will be shocking.  Other people are dead, you know, we can’t bring them back,” Bekmambetov added.  “The story is the same character, same mythology, but it’s got a great twist.”

While we don’t know what this “great idea” is that he’s referring to, or what the twist is, we do know that the film will continue the story of James McAvoy‘s character Wesley Gibson, which is great to hear since it means that McAvoy will likely be returning.

Personally, I loved WantedIt was by no means a perfect film but boy was it entertaining. Hearing Bekmambetov speak so highly of this idea that they have for the sequel has me very excited and I can’t wait to hear more.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as more news arises.