Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Director Tomas Alfredson Attached To The Brothers Lionheart

According to The Playlist, director Tomas Alfredson, who recently gave us the excellent Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, is attached to The Brothers Lionheart. The $30 million dollar film will be based on Astrid Lindgren’s novel, which follows two brothers “the heroic, brave and strong Karl and his polar opposite Jon — who both die, but are reunited in the afterworld Nangijala that is under threat from cruel tyrant.”

This will be the second time that the book has been turned into a film, the first time being in 1977 by Olle HellbornJohn Ajvide Lindqvist, who adapted Let The Right One In, will be writing the screenplay.

Right now Alfredson is only set to produce, though we assume he’ll end up directing as well.

We’ll keep you posted as more news on the project develops.