Titans Collide In Promo Art For Captain America: Civil War


What started as a clash of personalities will soon escalate into an out-and-out war between Cap and Tony Stark’s Iron Man, who will go toe-to-toe in the Russo brothers’ much-anticipated sequel, Captain America: Civil War. It’s a clash that will no doubt have massive ramifications for the larger MCU as Marvel shifts its shared universe into Phase Three, and one piece of promo art has surfaced today that offers up an early look at the two titans on the verge of battle.

While unofficial, the artwork is a tantalizing look at the two opposing heroes. In the blue corner, we have Captain America, and it appears Steve Rogers’ do-gooder will sport armor that is much more robust — he is battling an overpowered machine, after all. On the other hand, Iron Man occupies the red corner in what appears to be a version of Tony Stark’s Bleeding Edge armor, a high-tech model of the suit that utilises the power of nanomachines. Powered by repulsor technology, our beloved genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist has full reign over how the Bleeding Edge guise manifests itself, as it can change its properties to serve Stark’s best needs.

Of course, it’s unclear whether Marvel will adopt this storyline tit-for-tat. In the meantime, though, you can feast your eyes on the artwork in question below.

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Though their encounter will underpin the vast majority of Marvel’s threequel – Avengers 2.5, essentially Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans aren’t the only stars of Civil War, as Frank Grillo, Scarlet Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen round out the ensemble.

Captain America: Civil War has been slated to arrive on May 6, 2016.

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