The Title Of Avengers 4 May Not Be A Spoiler After All


Now that Infinity War has come and gone, and half of all life in the universe has been eviscerated at the behest of Thanos, the Marvel fanbase is slowly beginning to turn their attention toward Avengers 4.

It’s the second, conclusive chapter in the Russo Brothers’ epic superhero saga, and though it’s yet to even announce an official title, the excitement for Marvel’s 2019 blockbuster is already through the roof – hell, one need only take a glance into the WGTC archives to get an idea of the weird and wonderful theories currently swirling around Avengers 4.

The latest allegation, one reported by industry scribe DanielRPK (h/t MCU Cosmic), is all about the sequel’s mysterious moniker (surprise!), which may not be a spoiler, after all.

Contrary to previous rumors and those vague comments by Kevin Feige, we now have reason to believe that Avengers 4 won’t outright spoil the events of Infinity War with its title, nor will it be taken from a comic book storyline or contain the word ‘war.’

To his credit, DanielRPK has a pretty solid track record when it comes to Hollywood’s suite of comic book movies, given he was among the first to break news that Steven Spielberg was making in-roads into DC Comics, and that Ben Affleck actually plans to stay put as Warner’s Caped Crusader for the foreseeable future.

So this latest rumor, one which claims that the Avengers 4 title won’t outright spoil Infinity War and its devastating finale, is well worth our attention, even if we advise treating it with a heightened sense of caution. Remember, the Russo Brothers were able to use trailer misdirects and fake scenes to throw everyone off the scene last year, so there’s no telling what the directing duo have up their collective sleeve for round two.

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