Tobey Maguire’s In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Claims Babylon Co-Star

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

With Spider-Man: No Way Home just a couple of months away, fan speculation about who will make an appearance in the multiverse-spanning film is running wild. Yakov Kolontarov is starring alongside the original live-action Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire, in a film called Babylon, and he just stoked the flames of speculation with a can of metaphorical gasoline.

In a post on Instagram, which can be viewed below, the actor shared a selfie of himself standing next to another co-star on Babylon, Brad Pitt. The post itself would be completely innocuous if it weren’t for what he said in the comments. A fan asked Kolontarov if he spoke with Maguire about No Way Home and whether he will appear in it, and he confirmed just as much.

“Yeah, he told me he will be in,” Kolontarov responded. “He told me not to tell anyone. Hopefully, I don’t get in trouble for telling you because I am pretty bad at keeping secrets.”

Kolontarov could, of course, be trolling. But he appears pretty adamant in his next comment where he said: “I don’t lie. It’s very hard for me to lie.”

There is also a ton of evidence at this point to suggest both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, as well as a number of previous Spider-Man villains, will be making their return for the upcoming film, which is set to debut on Dec. 17. Kolontarov’s claim is at the very least plausible, although fans will have to wait to see if the original two Spideys will pop up in the film after all.