Todd Haynes To Direct Reese Witherspoon In Peggy Lee Biopic

todd haynes

It was four years ago when Reese Witherspoon signed on to star in an untitled musical biopic as the famed jazz singer, writer and composer Peggy Lee. Having personally secured the rights, the project clearly had a place in her heart. She did snag the rights from the singer’s granddaughter, after all. With everything in place, including Nora Ephron as the director-writer, it seemed the actress was on her way to yet another bout of awards nominations. Until 2012, that is, when the legendary rom-com pioneer Ephron passed away.

Now, thanks to good old TIFF, the geyser of hot goss that it is, news has surfaced that the project is back on the radar! During a press conference at TIFF, Witherspoon herself revealed that the search for a director was over. Far From Heaven and Velvet Goldmine director Todd Haynes is going to be behind the camera. He seems like a solid candidate, considering his previous musical-inspired features. As well as the glam romp Velvet Goldmine, he worked on the Carpenters Superstar and the Bob Dylan bricolage, I’m Not There.

Haynes is known for his sterling work with female leads. Julianne Moore landed an Oscar nod for her role as a repressed 50s housewife in Far From Heaven, Kate Winslet put in some of her best work on the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce and Cate Blanchett’s turn in I’m Not There was revelatory. Before he assists Witherspoon on acquiring another Oscar, he’ll be tying up post-production on Carol, the Patricia Highsmith adaptation with Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

While Witherspoon couldn’t relay any details on when production is set to start, she did announce that Ephron’s script is the one being used, with an additional polish by Pulitzer-prize winner Doug Wright (Quills).

We’ll keep you posted when more news on the untitled Peggy Lee biopic is announced.