Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn Movie To Be Produced By Blumhouse


Say what you like about Todd MacFarlane’s comic writing skills, the man is a beacon for those who value creator’s rights. Since hellbound superhero Spawn debuted in the 90s, MacFarlane has kept an iron grip on the rights to the character. This level of say over the property allows him to do whatever he feels best for his creation but, let’s face it, makes it a little difficult for any movie studio to give him complete creative control.

Now, however, he’s seemingly done the impossible, finding a studio willing to let him write, produce and direct his personal vision for Spawn: Blumhouse Productions. They seem a good fit, too, as they’re a studio that understands this kind of material, making serious bank from horror fare like Insidious, Paranormal Activity, The Purge and critical darling Get Out.

Even with Blumhouse on his side though, things might not be smooth sailing. Bloody Disgusting report that their sources say there are a ton of script issues, with MacFarlane ‘doubling back’ on whether it’s even finished or not. Right now, it’s difficult to say when Spawn will move into full production, but according to the creator, this new take on the character will be about the boogeyman and aim for a “dark/hard R” vibe.

Personally, I was something of a fan of Spawn back in the day, and remember enjoying the last live-action take on the property (though the CGI has not aged well). The HBO animated series was also great fun for a Marilyn Manson loving teen in the late 90s. As such, it should be fascinating to see what MacFarlane does with the character thirty years later.

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