Todd McFarlane Believes A Spawn/Venom Crossover Movie Is Not Out Of The Question


You know how Marvel Studios deemed Avengers: Infinity War to be the most ambitious crossover, well, ever? Todd McFarlane recently dreamed up a movie crossover of his own. And we’ll give you a clue: it involves Spawn and Venom.

The seasoned comic book scribe is currently attached to develop Blumhouse’s live-action Spawn movie, and while it’s still early days, McFarlane spoke to about blowing the cobwebs off a cult project that’d been sentenced to development hell years prior.

It’s a credit to Todd McFarlane and his team, then, that Al Simmons is alive and well – rumor has it Spawn will begin filming early next year ahead of a possible Halloween 2019 release – though the comic book scribe continues to dream big. His latest ‘what if’ scenario? A movie crossover involving Spawn and Venom:

Here’s a big “What If.” What if Sony distributes Spawn? Then is it possible that in the future Sony could have a crossover with Venom and Spawn? It’s possible. So, I will be presenting that possibility to the Sony executives when we get ready.

All of this hinges on one thing, though: the potential success of Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s Venom movie, which is due to launch a Marvel Universe of its own this October.

My conversation with them would be, why wouldn’t you? Here’s what I know. Let’s say Venom is huge — I hope it is — then no matter who distributes Spawn, the first thing you will see in every trailer will be, ‘From the co-creator of Venom.’ So, then my question to Sony is, why would you let one of your competitors use that line, given that it was your effort that made Venom work? Your money that made Venom work? Your marketing that made Venom work? I think it’s worth asking, then, what happens if they both work? And then what happens ten years down the line, when they want to do a Spawn/Venom crossover and they get the guy who helped create both those characters to direct it? Might be kind of cool.

Eddie Brock and Al Simmons sharing the same screen is the stuff dreams are made of, really, though there still many hurdles to overcome. Be that as it may, Todd McFarlane proved through sheer grit and determination that a live-action Spawn movie was still possible, and it’s since taken up residence at Blumhouse with Jamie Foxx attached to star.

As a wise man once said, never tell me the odds.

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