Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI Win Will Become A Movie, Courtesy Of The Finest Hours Writers

It’s understandable if you were all but done with Super Bowl LI. The second half turnaround for the New England Patriots was either one of the greatest or worst moments in sports history (for my money, it was closer to the latter…), and it’s time to put it behind us — at least, until the next season starts. But not so fast, a few Hollywood executives said. Quarterback Tom Brady‘s “comeback victory” at the Super Bowl will get the silver screen treatment, courtesy of screenwriters Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, the pens behind The Fighter and last year’s The Finest Hours.

The project will be based on the new, untitled book by Brady and Dave Wedge. It follows the Patriots’ return to the top (as if they ever really left…), and it’ll include Deflategate, “Brady’s fall from grace” (UGH!) and then his “triumphant return” to their fifth championship. Yeah, great underdog story. I’m sure it’ll be very uplifting.

Admittedly, I’m not the world’s biggest football fan, and I’ve seen enough movies about the sport for the foreseeable future. Besides, one needs to wonder what exactly these screenwriters will glean from Brady’s story that would, under any consideration, make him relatable, charming or interesting as a protagonist. His tale lacks heartbreak, woe or character growth. He’s a millionaire football player who got suspended for four games then won the Super Bowl. It’s not a fun story, and it’s certainly not an interesting one. Outside of Boston, who would really care? Honestly?

Perhaps I’m underestimating the potential laid within Tom Brady‘s story, though. I’ve been surprised before, but this just seems pointless and misguided to bring onto the silver screen. Of course, it’s only at script level right now, so maybe it won’t even get that far. With the world imploding around us, do we really care about how a rich guy got more successful during a game? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll find out soon enough if, and when, it hits theaters.

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