Tom Cruise Dies A Lot In New Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer


Despite the positive buzz that’s being generated for the upcoming action/sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow, I’m still a bit skeptical. The first trailer looked promising, and the talent attached here is certainly strong, but I’m not completely sold just yet.

On board to direct is Doug Liman and in front of the camera are Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, making for a pretty strong trio. As for the plot, it’s kind of like a sci-fi take on Groundhog Day, with Cruise playing Lt. Col. Bill Cage, who has to defend earth from an alien attack by “repeatedly dying and going back into combat.” Co-starring will be Bill Paxton, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Jeremy Piven.

So far, all signs point to this one being a hit, except one thing. I just can’t see how they’re going to stretch this concept into a full-length film. The gritty, bombastic action combined with some futuristic warfare should prove to be exciting, and it will no doubt be fun to see Cruise in this particular role, but I’m thinking that the whole “live, die, repeat” thing might grow old. Repetition in film is a tricky thing, and while some have pulled it off successfully, it’s not easy to do.

That aside, everything else about Warner Bros.’ upcoming blockbuster has me looking forward to it. We haven’t seen Liman take on a project like this in a while and given that he’s proven in the past that he’s more than capable of delivering some big screen thrills, I’m fairly certain that his latest effort will definitely deliver enough over-the-top action to get your adrenaline pumping.

Edge of Tomorrow opens on June 6th, 2014.