Tom Cruise Leaps Into Action In New Mission: Impossible 6 Set Photos

At 54, Tom Cruise is certainly getting up there in age, but the actor shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. That’s something which has been made very apparent with the Mission: Impossible series. Whether it’s scaling the Burj Khalifa or clinging on to an A380 mid-flight, the iconic movie star has so often used the role of Ethan Hunt to push boundaries – and Mission: Impossible 6 will be no different.

With the film just entering production over in Paris, France, we haven’t seen anything official from it just yet, but the first wave of set photos have now hit the web, giving us a good look at Cruise in action as he engages in what appears to be a motorcycle chase along with getting in on some wirework. We can’t say for sure what the context of these scenes are, given that plot details are being kept tightly under wraps, but it’s clear that the next instalment in the franchise will be bringing with it the requisite dose of electric stunts and action – as expected.

Christopher McQuarrie’s action sequel will continue to lens throughout the year across three different countries – Paris, London and New Zealand, for those keeping track – so we’ll surely be getting some more snaps from the set over the coming weeks and months. As for the film’s theatrical release, July 27th, 2018 is the date for your diaries, though the real question is, what will be Tom Cruise’s big stunt this time around?

Thus far, the actor has scaled rock faces, tall buildings and hung off the side of a plane in flight – what the Mission: Impossible team plan to do to top that is currently anyone’s guess, but we’re certainly excited to find out.