Tom Cruise Looks Ready To Kick Justin Bieber’s Ass In New Top Gun: Maverick Photos


It’s probably the strangest celebrity story out there.

As you probably already know, pop star Justin Bieber, for some reason, thought it’d be a good idea to challenge bonafide badass Tom Cruise to a fight. And not just any kind of fight: an octagon battle of manliness, UFC style.

While we still haven’t heard anything directly from the 56-year-old king of blockbusters, sources close to Cruise have said he’s interested and UFC boss Dana White announced earlier this week that talks for the fight are actually underway.

With that said, we have no idea what’s going to happen, though I’d like to publicly say I’d buy that pay-per-view.

Perhaps the reason we haven’t heard from Cruise is because of his work on the upcoming sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, which is set to release almost 35 years after the classic original. Details are few and far between, but we’ll occasionally get a behind-the-scenes photo that gets our engines running. And the latest, courtesy of Daily Mail, shows Cruise being much more fit and muscular than his 25-year-old could-be opponent.

If only we all aged so well.

But moviegoers around the world know that Cruise’s badass looks are more than just an appearance. In last year’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the actor behind Ethan Hunt proved to be at his entertaining, popcorn best, providing us with several dangerous, action-packed stunts to be in awe of. So if that film’s any indication, which I believe (or beliebe) it is, then it’s safe to assume who’d win this fight if it ever came to be.

We want to know your thoughts, though. Do you think Cruise could take on Justin Bieber no problem? Or does Biebs stand a chance? Place your early bets in the comments section below.