Tom Cruise Runs In First Official Mission: Impossible 7 Photo

Tom Cruise

Anyone that’s ever seen a Tom Cruise film knows that the actor is seemingly contractually obligated to shoot at least one scene that features him running as fast as he can. It’s become something of a running joke for years now (pun intended), with the actor’s Instagram bio even proudly proclaiming that he’s been ‘running in movies since 1981.’

In fact, his co-star Annabelle Wallis revealed that she was bestowed the highest possible honor when working with Cruise on The Mummy, after the action icon allowed her to run on screen next to him, something he doesn’t usually let his colleagues do. There are even entire YouTube compilations dedicated to the actor’s favorite cinematic pastime, so it was only fitting that the first official image from Mission: Impossible 7 would show the leading man in his element.

Production has recently restarted on the troubled blockbuster after a series of COVID-19 delays, which culminated in Cruise’s infamous on-set rant. It feels like the studio is simply trolling us, though, by having the first photo from the hotly anticipated sequel accomplish absolutely nothing but remind us of the fact that Cruise is going to run, something we all take for granted anyway, but you can nonetheless check it out below.

That’s definitely Tom Cruise running, even though we can’t see his face, such is the distinctive way he’s demonstrated his love for sprinting through cinema for the last 40 years. Mission: Impossible 7 is still penciled in to hit the theaters in November, and it was announced yesterday that it’ll be available to stream on Paramount+ just 45 days later, as the latest entrant into the crowded streaming wars instantly pulls out the big guns.