Tom Cruise Told His Mummy Co-Star That Nobody Can Run Next To Him Onscreen

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the most famous adrenaline junkie in Hollywood that enjoys risking his life in the name of our entertainment with a series of incredible stunts, which have escalated so much that he’s actually going to space to shoot a movie because our planet simply can’t contain his death-defying antics anymore.

However, there’s one thing that the legendary action star loves doing in every one of his movies just as much as crashing cars, flying helicopters and jumping from very high things, and that’s running. At this point, you can almost guarantee that at some point during a Tom Cruise film, he’ll end up sprinting as fast as he can with those pumping arms of his, even if it isn’t important to the plot.

Whether it be in a deserted Times Square in Vanilla Sky, through the middle of an alien invasion in War of the Worlds, down the side of the world’s tallest building in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol or while wearing a comically-sized overcoat in The Firm, it seems it must be written into his contract that the 58 year-old won’t sign on to anything unless he gets a chance to stretch his legs.

Annabelle Wallis, Cruise’s co-star in The Mummy, revealed in a recent interview that the actor’s obsession with running goes much deeper than we thought though after he told her straight-up that nobody shares the screen with him when he’s in full flight.

“He’s on a different level, and, you know, I ticked a box. I got to run on-screen with him, but he told me no at first. He said, ‘Nobody runs onscreen with me’, and I said, ‘But I’m a really good runner’. So, I would time my treadmill so that he’d walk in and see me run. And then he added all these running scenes. So, that was it. It was, like, better than an Oscar. I was so happy! I was so happy that I got to run onscreen with Tom Cruise. But I don’t think it ever goes away and I hope it never does. It’s so wonderful to be excited by someone and in awe of what they’ve achieved in their lives. Yeah, good on him. And I hope the questions never stop. I love talking about him. It’s really cool.”

Even though The Mummy totally sucked, it seems Wallis will never forget her experience working on the infamous dud after managing to convince Tom Cruise that she was both worthy and capable enough of joining him for one of his famous big screen sprints.