Tom Hanks To Float On Cloud Atlas

Deadline is reporting that Tom Hanks will officially star in Cloud Atlas. The film is based on the David Mitchell novel that revolves around six interconnected stories. Andy and Lana Wachowski will direct along with Tom Tykwer and shooting is set to begin sometime in September. Though I haven’t read the book, it’s supposed to be incredible and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2004. Apparently it’s also quite tough to adapt and the Wachowskis and Tykwer have a difficult road ahead of them.

Other names such as Natalie Portman, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen and Halle Berry have been thrown around in regards to the film and while apparently they’ve all had offers, nothing is confirmed yet. For those unfamiliar with the film, it’s being described as “an epic story of humankind in which the actions and consequences of our lives impact one another throughout the past, present and future as one soul is shaped from a murderer into a savior and a single act of kindness ripples out for centuries to inspire a revolution.”

With Hanks on board, you can expect to see some other big names lining up to join the project and as they do, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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