Tom Hanks Shares Photos Of Plasma Donation Towards COVID-19 Fight

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was one of the most notable early coronavirus patients, and having fully recovered from the disease, the actor has decided to give something back in the battle to find an effective treatment. Today, he tweeted some photos (see below) of a bag of his blood plasma, which he’s donated to UCLA as part of their own efforts on that front. Having had the virus, Hanks’ blood contains antibodies, and those antibodies may be beneficial to patients currently infected, or useful for broader research.

Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson came down with the virus while the former was filming Elvis, an upcoming biopic on the King of Rock and Roll. The pair stayed in Australia for the duration of their illness, but have since recovered and returned to the US. It’s a great relief to the world of cinema that neither had complications and all filmgoers will be looking forward to seeing Hanks back on the big screen when this is all over, a vein that includes Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips, Toy Story, and Forrest Gump. Living legend ’tis he.

Along with the aforementioned photos, Hanks also shared the following update:

Here’s last week’s bag of plasma. Such a bag! After the paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx

The number of different initiatives and charities vying for your attention is overwhelming, so I wouldn’t solicit on behalf of any one over the other. An optional pointer to that which is marked out in this story will do. So, without further ado, if you want more information on UCLA’s pandemic program, I advise checking out their website, where you can learn if theirs is a cause you want to get behind. In any case, it’s good to see contributions like the plasma Tom Hanks has given, and he joins the thousands if not millions doing the same.

Right, before the drone of my platitudes slips you into a coma, I’ll head off with your wakefulness intact. If you’ve got any comments of your own (or suggested charities), you’re welcome to mention them below.