Tom Hanks Shares Positive Update From Coronavirus Isolation

Tom Hanks

Though it may seem like the entire world has come to a halt as of late, as everyone battens down the hatches to fight off the Coronavirus, we now have a small ray of positive news: Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have left the Australian hospital they were being treated at and have begun the self-isolation process.

Last week, the actor and his wife tested positive for the virus. Throughout the past few days, though, they’ve kept their spirits high, sharing a number of photos and videos to ensure that their fans wouldn’t worry too much. And now that they’ve left the Queensland hospital and are under quarantine at home, Hanks has given us another update.

Taking to Instagram, the Forrest Gump star had the following to tell his fanbase:

So, he’s not feeling 100% just yet, but at least he doesn’t have a fever and is well enough to be doing a few chores around the house. He’s also still got his sense of humor, which is a good sign.

When exactly he’ll be fully back on his feet is still unclear, but it’s nice to see that him and his wife seem to be coping well with the virus and haven’t been hit as bad as some other people have. It probably also helps that they’re getting the best medical care and treatment money can buy, given that the actor is worth a reported $350-$400 million.

Then again, it’s not exactly as if money can cure someone of the Coronavirus, but Tom Hanks and his wife are without a doubt in good hands and being looked after properly. And with any luck, the Cast Away star will have another positive update for us in the coming days. Stay tuned.