Tom Hanks In Talks To Reunite With Meg Ryan For Ithaca


Good news Tom Hanks fans – it looks as though the Forrest Gump star is in talks to reunite with his recurring on-screen romantic interest, Meg Ryan, in the upcoming Ithaca.

The film, based on the classic 1943 William Saroyan novel The Human Comedy, follows the story of a 14-year-old boy who finds himself entrusted with the task of looking after his remaining family while his brother is off fighting in World War II. The novel is a wonderful tale about the effects war has, not only on those directly fighting, but the millions of people left grasping for normality back home.

The adaptation would mark the first time Hanks has worked with his Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail co-star Meg Ryan since those two staples of the romantic genre – and would also sees them working behind the camera as director (Ryan) and executive producer (Hanks). It’s rumored that Hanks would play the protagonist’s deceased father in what will be a cameo appearance.

The connections don’t end there, either – the project would also see a reunion between Erik Jendreson and Hanks, who had previously worked together on the critically-acclaimed HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers.

It would seem that the project will inevitably hold a greater sense of heart and emotion should the two-time Oscar-winner be involved as an actor. Although his role will inevitably be small, Hanks has proven in the past – even with limited screen-time – that he still has the gravitas and depth as an actor to pack one heck of a punch. See Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close if you don’t understand what we mean.

Ithaca aside, Tom Hanks has been a busy man as of late, as the actor recently finished working on A Hologram for a King and also announced his participation in Steven Spielberg’s eagerly anticipated untitled Cold War thriller.

Tell us, have you read The Human Comedy? If so, are you excited for the adaptation? Let us know in the comments section below!