Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Being Developed

Tom Hanks, who voices the character of Woody in the popular Toy Story franchise, revealed that a fourth installment in the series is currently being developed. Hanks let the news leak in a recently-aired interview with BBC’s Breakfast News, saying that Pixar is “working on it now.”

This comes as a bit of a surprise as it was understood that last year’s Toy Story 3, which grossed over $1 billion at the worldwide box office and earned itself two Academy Awards in the process, would be the last film in the series. Many regarded it as the best of the three and it was praised for being the perfect film to wrap-up the trilogy.

Instead of another feature film, the studio said that they planned to release a series of short episodic adventures featuring the Toy Story gang (such as Hawaiian Vacation which is currently being played in theaters before Cars 2). However, if what Hanks says is true, we may see those adventurous toys in another feature film sometime in the near future.

I love the Toy Story films and thought that the latest one was a perfect way to end the story of Woody, Buzz, and the gang. I don’t understand why they would make a fourth film, aside from the obvious financial incentives of course.

It gets to a point when you have to say, “enough is enough” and that point was reached with Toy Story 3. It was a great sequel that brought the films’ characters full circle and was regarded as a critical/financial success. I think the question is not so much do we want another Toy Story film, what it comes down to is do we need another Toy Story film?

What do you think? Do we need another Toy Story?