First Look At Tom Hanks As Walt Disney In Saving Mr. Banks

If you’re the Walt Disney Company and you need to cast Walt Disney for an upcoming Walt Disney-based film, you can’t get somebody who associates as a sexual deviant or a pimp or an asshole – you need an actor who comes over pure and inherently good-willed, somebody that the world already likes. Because your company’s colossal reputation is built around one man’s ideology, isn’t it? That’s why we say sorry, Gary Oldman, but no Walt Disney for you. Tom Hanks, on the other hand… well, perfect.

Yep. Tom Hanks is set to play ol’ Walt himself in the upcoming flick Saving Mr. Banks, which tells the true story of how Disney tried to convince Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers to allow him to make a motion picture out of her book. No points for guessing whether he succeeded or not. Okay, have a few points if you like.

And as if Tom Hanks didn’t ring nice enough on his own, Disney have brought in somebody else who it’s just sort of impossible to hate: Emma Thompson will star as P.L. Travers.

You can check out below the photos of Hanks all dressed up as Walt Disney, and Thompson as Travers.

Saving Mr. Banks is directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) and is based on a script by Sue Smith and Kelly Marcel. It’ll be out in theatres December 20th 2013.

What do you think? Does Hanks fit the part?

Source: CinemaBlend