Tom Hardy Channels Bane In New Mad Max: Fury Road Images


I may have been one of the few people to feel underwhelmed by the first Mad Max: Fury Road trailer to come from Warner Brothers in the past week. But I am still willing to give the reboot (or is it a sequel?) a fighting chance, especially with Tom Hardy in the lead role and original franchise director George Miller firmly at the helm. The latest images from Mad Max: Fury Road to hit the Internet give me a bit more hope than the trailer did – and at the moment I will take anything I can get.

Mad Max: Fury Road has Tom Hardy in the role of Mad Max himself, a “man of action and a man of few words,” faced with personal tragedy, an apocalyptic wasteland, and the bad people who inhabit it. He finds an ally (we think) in Furiosa (Charlize Theron), a woman attempting to make it back to her homeland. That’s still all we know about the film right now, but we still have almost a year before it actually comes to cinemas.

The latest Fury Road images are pretty standard fare for a release that’s still far into the future. Tom Hardy looks good as Mad Max, but then again, when does Tom Hardy not look good? An image of Hardy carrying a chained-up Nicholas Hoult over his shoulders gives off a little bit of a Bane-like vibe, mostly because Hardy appears to have been muzzled.

I continue to hope for the best from Mad Max: Fury Road, especially given the cast and the director. At the same time, with so little official plot details, I cannot quite decide if this was a great idea or a terrible attempt to resurrect a dead franchise. We shall have to wait for May 2015 to find out for sure.

You can check out the latest images from Mad Max: Fury Road below.


Source: Collider