Tom Hardy And Channing Tatum Eyed For Beverly Hills Cop 4


Way back in 1984, Eddie Murphy found himself propelled to the A-list after playing Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. Though wildly successful, things didn’t go so well for the franchise with its subsequent instalments. While the second outing was a mostly enjoyable affair, the third was an utter train wreck and a planned TV series never ended up getting off the ground. Still, there’ve always been conversations about resurrecting the property for another go around and now, it’s finally happening.

From what we understand, Beverly Hills Cop 4 takes Foley, “who has been living a cushy life as a Beverly Hills Detective, back to Detroit during the coldest winter on record to navigate the new rules and old enemies in one of America’s most tenacious cities.” Set to be directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, we know that Murphy is interested in returning to reprise the iconic role and now, we’re hearing that Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum are being eyed to play the other lead, “a new cop in Detroit who winds up clashing” with Axel.

There’s no word yet on who the frontrunner is, but obviously the producers are aiming high here and even if neither of those aforementioned actors end up signing on, you can bet that another A-lister will climb on board to star alongside Murphy. Speaking of which, it’s apparently him who’s holding things up at the moment.

It’s no secret that he hasn’t been pleased with the various scripts that’ve been passed around for the sequel and he won’t commit to the pic unless he feels it’ll be a significant improvement over what came before. That makes complete sense, of course, but with news that they’re starting to scout out actors for the other main roles, it would seem that we’re getting closer to seeing Beverly Hills Cop 4 take flight.

We’ll of course keep you posted as the project further develops, but for now, tell us, who would you like to see star alongside Eddie Murphy in the film? Sound off in the usual place.

Source: JoBlo

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