Tom Hardy Explains Why He Loves Working With Christopher Nolan

Anyone who has recently seen Warrior (and judging by its box-office receipts, there’s not that many) knows two things for sure. First is that Tom Hardy is a powerhouse actor who is on Hollywood’s list of rising stars for good reason. Second is that that he is easily capable of playing a massive brute of immeasurable force.

Hardy has been publicly open on his thoughts about how his portrayal of the villainous Bane in the upcoming Batman movie has been received by fans worldwide, as well as his extreme admiration for director Christopher Nolan.

In an interview with, he spoke out once more on how working with Nolan has been a great experience for him as an actor.

“It is a little daunting. I want to do well, but I’m with the right team. I mean, Chris Nolan is brilliant. And he has relative carte blanche with the studios at the moment, so to step into a situation with a larger-than-life character in a larger-than-life world that is fully articulated and gearing up with such a massive amount of financial and creative support, it’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Hardy seems very level-headed and grateful towards his peers, so accepting what he has to say about concerns revolving around Bane and the final quality of the film are reassuring to say the least. Most actors in superhero films spew out recycled garbage to make fans happy until the actual finished product comes out, but Hardy seems to be sincere and incredibly humble, especially when it comes to his director.

It’s oddly touching to see so many actors in The Dark Knight Rises constantly describing Nolan as such a genius and a wonder to work with. His reputation with his co-workers appears to be just as terrific as his resume and he truly is one of the greatest directors currently working in Hollywood.