Tom Hardy And Noomi Rapace Name A Puppy In New Clip From The Drop



I think we can all agree that putting Tom Hardy in a movie with a puppy is not exactly a hard sell. Who would not want to see Tom Hardy carrying around a puppy for two hours? But of course there has to be more to The Drop than that, right? Boasting a cast that includes Noomi Rapace and James Gandolfini, The Drop is shaping up to be one of the more anticipated films to hit theatres as we move into Oscar-bait season.

In the latest clip from the film, though, Tom Hardy and his puppy play a central role. Hardy’s down-on-his-luck bartender has been mixed up in a robbery, and manages to also obtain an abused pitbull puppy that he takes a shine to. Noomi Rapace is going to have her own way when it comes to naming the dog, though. It’s a sweet clip that features the most important things that every movie should have: good-looking men and puppies. It also features two very good actors who seem to have a strong rapport with each other, so I think that we’re all set for one enjoyable film.

On a more serious note, another clip from The Drop features a rather scary performance from the late, great James Gandolfini, who proves that he can hold a camera with the best of them. It’s a far cry from naming adorable puppies, but this is a serious film after all. It can’t just all be about the puppy, as much as I would advocate that. In this short clip, Gandolfini reminds us of what we have lost.

The Drop was directed by Michael Roskum (Bullhead) and will have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. It opens on September 19, so mark your calendars.

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