Tom Hardy Has To Pay To Protect A Puppy In New Clip From The Drop


I’m sure that you have seen the pictures floating about the Internet for the past year or so of Tom Hardy carrying around an adorable pitbull puppy. As heartwarming as those photos are, they are also in service of a new thriller starring Hardy and the aforementioned animal. Today, the first clip from The Drop has popped up on the Internet, telling us a bit more about the film than just “Tom Hardy + puppy = adorable.”

The Drop tells the story of a Brooklyn bartender (Hardy) who becomes attached to an abused pitbull puppy that falls into his arms. Things are not going to be simple for the pair, however, as this clip between Hardy and co-star Matthias Schoenaerts demonstrates. If he wants to hang onto the dog, he’s going to have to pay for the privilege. From the looks of things, this will end up costing him more than just the ten thousand dollars his nemesis is asking. For a thirty second clip, it sets a strong and dangerous tone for the film that makes the whole thing even more intriguing.

Hardy has been having an excellent career so far and there’s no reason why The Drop should not be another feather in his cap. The director is Michael Roskum, of Bullhead fame, and the film also stars James Gandolfini  and Noomi Rapace in addition to Hardy and Schoenaerts. Plus, I am not certain how you can go wrong with a movie that features Tom Hardy and an adorable little puppy that he has to protect. The only issue I’ll have is if someone takes that puppy away from him. You let Tom Hardy keep his puppy!

The Drop will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, with a release date of September 12th. You can watch the latest clip below.

Source: The Playlist

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