Tom Hardy May Play Elton John In Rocketman


The Sir Elton John biopic, Rocketman, has been in the works for a few years now. A director has been found in Michael Gracey, but the project has yet to be able to nail down its leading man. That may be changing soon though as the producers are now considering Tom Hardy for the role.

No formal offer of any kind has been made, but it’s still worth considering the possibility of Hardy leading the film. Of The Dark Knight Rises and Warrior fame, Hardy has shown time and time again that he’s one of the most versatile leading men in Hollywood. Taking on the role of John would only further show his range, if he can pull it off that is.

The main question most will have is whether Hardy can not only sing, but sing well enough to portray one of the greatest vocalists of all time. I think it’s safe to say that the fact that he’s in consideration means he can sing well, but I also don’t doubt that whoever ends up playing John is going to be harshly scrutinized by the millions that love the singer’s music. Justin Timberlake has also been discussed for the role, and many were complaining that his voice wouldn’t compare to John’s, so best of luck to whoever takes on this role.

Based on a script written by Lee Hall, producer Steve Hamilton Shaw described the story as a hyper-visual one told in a non-linear manner. He also said that it will transport people through many intense experiences that helped shaped Elton John into the man he is, good and bad.

Musical biopics are usually very interesting, and some of the most iconic musicians ever are just now getting theirs lined up. Sacha Baron Cohen is working on his Freddie Mercury biopic, meaning if Hardy is indeed cast and the film moves into production soon, we could have both movies hitting theatres at a date close to each other.

What do you think of Tom Hardy as Elton John? Do you think he can pull off playing the lead for Rocketman? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.