Tom Hardy To Reunite With Leonardo DiCaprio On The Revenant?


Schmoes Know, who have been hit or miss with their scoops lately, are reporting that Tom Hardy is “in serious talks” to reunite with his Inception co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant. It’s not clear which role he would play if he ends up joining, but presumably, he’ll take that part that Sean Penn originally had before he dropped out.

Based on Michael Punke’s novel of the same name, The Revenant will have DiCaprio playing a 19th century fur trapper named Hugh Glass. Despite being attacked by a grizzly bear, robbed and then left for dead, he ends up surviving and “sets out on a treacherous journey to exact revenge on his betrayers.”

As I’ve said in the past, the story seems a bit generic and not terribly original. However, the talent that’s already attached leads me to believe that there’s something more below the surface here. The project wouldn’t be attracting this much attention if it was just another by-the-numbers revenge tale. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good gritty revenge story, but I have a feeling that there’s definitely more to this one than meets the eye.

With production set to start this September, we should have final casting details for The Revenant shortly. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know in the comments section if you’re excited about a potential reunion between Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Source: Schmoes Know