Tom Hardy & Takashi Miike Will No Longer Make The Outsider

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Despite having a promising script, The Outsider is one film that just can’t get off the ground. A few years ago Daniel Espinosa and Michael Fassbender were set to tackle the project but of course, that didn’t pan out. Then, Takashi Miike and Tom Hardy hopped on board and while everything looked ready to go, Twitch is now reporting that they too have exited the movie.

Pre-production was already underway when Hardy decided to back out (for reasons unknown) and due to the delay that his departure is going to cause in the shooting schedule, Miike is now unable to direct. Production has been put on hold and the hunt is already on for a new director and star but as of now, we have no word on who the producers are eyeing.

Based on Art and John Linson’s 2011 Black List script, the plot revolves around an “American G.I. and former prisoner of war who rises in the yakuza in post-World War II Japan. ” Like I mentioned above, it sounds like a great script and the project certainly has potential. It’s unclear why it’s having so much trouble finding a director/star but considering the fact that actors like Hardy and Fassbender have both been attached at one point, I have a feeling that The Outsider will have no trouble finding another actor and director to take over.

Tell us, are you upset that Hardy and Miike won’t make this film anymore? Who do you want to see replace them? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Twitch