Tom Hardy Talks About Having To Leave Suicide Squad


You may have forgotten at this point, but when the cast for Suicide Squad was first being assembled, Tom Hardy was actually brought in to play Rick Flagg. Not long after he signed on though, the actor had to drop out due to scheduling issues with his new film, The Revenant.

Now, in a new interview with Variety, Hardy reveals that despite initial rumors saying that he left because of the script, he was actually bummed out about having to depart:

“Was I bummed? Of course I was. I hate fucking losing work. I kept bemoaning that they were losing me significant money on a daily basis. Actually, it was good for my character.”

As we’ve learnt in recent months, Hardy was forced to give up his role in Suicide Squad because The Revenant director Alejandro González Iñárritu overshot by three months and there was no way the actor would of been able to squeeze in work on David Ayer’s film. And so, Joel Kinnaman stepped up to fill in and take over the role of Rick Flag.

While Hardy would have no doubt killed it in Suicide Squad, Kinnaman is a suitable replacement and from what we’ve seen from the film so far, it looks like he’s fitting very comfortably into the role.

Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 5th, 2016. Tell us, who would you have preferred to see in the role, Kinnaman or Hardy? Sound off below and let us know.