Tom Hardy Teases Us With New Venom 2 Set Photo


With all of the excitement generated by the first Morbius trailer, we’d forgive you if you forgot that another Sony-Marvel movie is also hitting theaters this year. Yes, Venom 2 is set to slither into cinemas shortly after the Living Vampire makes his debut.

The hugely anticipated sequel has been quietly filming for a while now and surprisingly, the production team has done a very good job of keeping things under wraps. And while that’s probably a good thing, fans are still hungry for something – anything! – to give them an idea of what’s in store.

Thankfully, then, Tom Hardy has heard their cries, and responded with, well, this:

Yup, that’s what he shared from the set. Out of everything he could’ve shown, teased or revealed, the above photo is what the actor chose to post on his Instagram. We don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but really Tom? That’s all you could give us?

The rather unexciting nature of the photo aside, and it’s at least good to know that the crew is hard at work on Venom 2 and is hopefully crafting something pretty special for us. After all, 2018’s Venom wasn’t necessarily a critical darling – though it did go over well with fans – and with Andy Serkis in the director’s chair for this second outing for Eddie Brock, folks are hopeful that some of the first movie’s mistakes will be fixed.

Right now, it’s too hard to say what we’re in for, but with any luck, Tom Hardy’s next set photo from Venom 2 will reveal a little bit more. After all, the actor was pretty generous with the original film, if you recall.

Source: Instagram