Tom Hardy’s Bane Dialogue Syncs Up With Venom Footage A Little Too Well


If anything, this week has proven to be a memorable one when it comes to the release of trailers. With the Super Bowl and its much talked about TV spots now behind us, studios are now offering substantial amounts of footage taken from some of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters.

Just yesterday, we were treated to the first actual trailer for Deadpool 2 and, today, it was Venom‘s turn to follow suit. And while I’d have to say that the former is more impressive than the latter, it doesn’t make me look forward to the Tom Hardy-led picture any less.

Speaking of Hardy, he’s the latest to join the club populated by actors who’ve not only played more than one iconic comic book character, but someone who has done so for both DC and Marvel. Having quickly realized this, the folks at have re-edited the aforementioned Venom teaser (seen at the top) to now include some of Hardy’s more memorable lines as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Oddly enough, it syncs up better than we could’ve ever expected, even more so than when someone inserts audio taken from Danzig’s “Mother” over the video for Mr. T’s “Treat Your Mother Right.” All jests aside, it shows that nobody can truly ever escape the shadow cast by such a marquee role.

Still, I’m personally holding out hope that the first full trailer actually shows us the real Venom rather than just the symbiote in a lab. This does look like it’s shaping up to be a decent flick, sure, but you have to give us the goods when it comes to a film of this magnitude, even if Sony wanted something to show off with Black Panther‘s release just around the corner.

Venom opens in theaters on October 5th.