Tom Hiddleston Joins Gemma Arterton In Capa

Currently in the works is a biopic about renowned war photographer Robert Capa, aptly titled Capa. Director Paul Andrew Williams (An Unfinished Song) will be helming the film with a script from Menno Meyjes (Empire of the Sun, The Colour Purple). Already set to star is Gemma Arterton and now, the film has found its leading man in Tom Hiddleston, most well known for his role as Loki in Marvel’s universe of films.

Now, to avoid confusion, we should make it clear that another Capa biopic is in the works. It’s titled Waiting for Robert Capa and Michael Mann is currently attached to direct. That version is said to be more of a big budget affair while the one starring Arterton and Hiddleston will be more of a low key drama.

Capa will follow the photographer starting in 1935, where he meets a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany named Taro. The two begin a relationship as exiled Jewish Communists. While their romance is likely a big part of the film, there’s no word on whether or not that will be the focal point or just simply a subplot. Either way, Capa was a compelling figure and his story is one that deserves a film treatment.

Here’s what Hiddleston had to say about the role:

“I look at [Capa’s] life and see it in heroic terms. A Hungarian kicked out of Hungary for writing against Fascism, he moved to Germany where he was kicked out for being Jewish, then he moved to France and from there began a life-long commitment to make a stand against forces of fascism. As a man he was fantastically charismatic, dynamic, vigorous, exciting and energetic, too. I plan to go to the places he lived, those places he visited, read books about him, study his photographs and, crucially, learn how he took them.”

No word yet on when this one will shoot but now that the two leads are locked in, it will likely be sometime soon. As always, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, tell us, what do you think of Tom Hiddleston joining Capa?