Tom Hiddleston Was Terrified That The First Avengers Movie Wouldn’t Work


Though the titular team-up of 2012’s The Avengers seems almost modest in its scope next to the interplanetary crossover that was this year’s Avengers: Infinity War, Joss Whedon’s picture was at the time regarded as an ambitious, risky, and practically unprecedented endeavor. It’s therefore understandable that a few of the project’s partakers were feeling pretty nervous about the whole idea, including the actor who was supposed to be serving as the big bad threat in this MCU outing.

At ACE Comic Con, Tom Hiddleston reflected on the ways in which the franchise has evolved over the years, and when it came to his second outing in the role of Loki, the star admitted to feeling terrified at the time.

“I remember being terrified making the first Avengers film because it wasn’t a given that it was going to work,” Hiddleston said. “It only worked based on how hard we worked to make it work if that makes any sense.”

In the six years since, both the series and Loki have undergone some major changes, with Hiddleston’s story culminating in his sad demise in the opening minutes of Infinity War. Of course, Thor’s brother has been known to fake his death in the past, prompting plenty of speculation that he’s pulling a similar sort of trick here, though the actor seems reluctant to confirm of deny this theory.

In any case, with a planned TV show in the works, it’s clear that the character still has some story left in him. Based on some leaked Avengers 4 set photos, the God of Mischief could even have a significant part to play in next year’s release. We’ll get some clarification when that film hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019, but if the Avengers’ old foe is well and truly dead, you can perhaps take comfort in knowing that Hiddleston wasn’t even sure he’d make it this far.

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