Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg hype ‘Uncharted’ in new promo

Just over a week ahead of its release, Uncharted stars Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are sitting down to promote their upcoming blockbuster.

In a clip released by Sony Pictures on Feb. 10, Holland and Wahlberg emphasize the current hype surrounding the 2022 Winter Olympics, leaning into similarities their characters share with this year’s world-class athletes.

“Everybody talks about the world’s top athletes every four years,” Holland says at the top of the clip, before claiming that “In Uncharted, we’re pretty much athletes.”

Wahlberg’s skepticism, and his dig that Holland is “really a big fan of [himself],” don’t do much to sway Holland, who uses clips from the upcoming film’s promos to emphasize his points.

Eventually, Wahlberg comes around, noting that there “are similarities” between Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake and Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan and the athletes competing in this year’s games.

“They’re both going after the biggest score,” Wahlberg notes, before Holland adds that “in both pursuits, you must make sure that you stick the landing.” Each phrase is interrupted by scenes from the film’s trailers, watching as Holland’s Drake falls from a plane, gets hit by an unmanned car, and flips painfully over a table. His performance earns the actor measly scores from faux judges, who award him with two zeros, a minus one, a half point, and a single, disappointed sad face.

It’s a fun way to promote a film like Uncharted, particularly with all the hype surrounding the Olympics. Viewers can enjoy the film, based on the video game franchise of the same name, when it hits theaters next Friday.