Tom Holland Explains How He Spoiled Avengers: Infinity War For 300 Fans


He’s done it again!

In a perfect mirror to his excitable character, Tom Holland has built himself a reputation for being a leaky faucet of Marvel spoilers. With Avengers: Infinity War, the production team even decided to keep the script away from him as much as possible to prevent him from leaking info. Because he’s Spider-Man and he can do anything he wants, though, Holland still found a way, spoiling the shock ending of the movie to a whole theater full of fans on opening night.

While speaking at a panel during this weekend’s Comicpalooza convention, the actor finally explained his side of the story, attempting to clear the air. What happened was on the Friday night premiere, Holland, Marvel producer Kevin Feige and directors Joe and Anthony Russo were doing a tour of screenings of the movie in Los Angeles.

“I was with Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers, and the whole team at Marvel, and what they do is they rent a party bus the night the film comes out and they drive around LA, going to different screenings, to introduce the movie or to talk about the movie afterwards.”

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with when exactly they were going out to talk to the crowd. Holland believed that the audience had just seen the movie, so he decided to make a joke about the tragic fate that befalls Spidey at the end. That probably would have gone down a hoot if the assembled fans had any idea what he was talking about. Instead, though, he accidentally spoiled the major plot point for about 300 people.

“We went to this screening and someone had told me before they had already seen the film, they’ve already seen the film. So they give me a microphone and I walk on stage and I’m like, ‘Don’t worry, I’m still alive!’ The whole audience look at me like, ‘What the hell does that mean? What do you mean you’re still alive?’ And then I look inside, Kevin, Joe and Anthony are like, ‘Shut up, shut up, stop talking!’ So opening night, I ruined the movie for about 300 people, so I’m so sorry for that.”

You have to hand it to the guy. It’s an easy mistake to make and could have happened to anyone. Still, it’s hilarious that it happened to Holland, your friendly neighborhood Spoiler-Man. Thankfully, the moment was also recorded for posterity and shared by a fan who was in attendance that night on social media.

Pretty funny, eh? Sure, it may have been an honest mistake, but we have a feeling that Holland won’t be invited back to do more of these surprise theater visits when Avengers 4 hits next May.

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